The Best Music Festival Gear Makes Every Experience Better

Choosing the best music festival gear for each specific event can be difficult. That's why our accessories and equipment testers have been burning the late night oil here at Best Music Fest.

We think the best music festivals are ones that require camping. That's why we reviewed the best music festival gear that we could find. The camping environment provides a crucial space for personal growth and community vibes. You'll have a great time as long as you have a few essentials pieces of equipment.

Your weekend neighbors are always a great part of the festival experience and surviving a few days of grime together seems to help everyone reevaluate their dependency on everyday privileges. People naturally come together when they have to rough it together. Somewhere between the electronic music and the fresh air and the rocks under your tent floor you realize that all of your needs are met.

All you need is the right gear and a few good friends nearby to survive any of the best music festivals. Be sure to check our festival essentials list to make sure you've got the basics covered.

 Do you know what it takes to get through an epic music festival?


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Solar Charger for Music Festival Gear

Here's a 12000mAh Solar Charger that can be a real life saver when your electronic gear loses power at a music festival. The portable solar powered phone charger features a dual USB solar external battery pack power bank. It can be used to charge cellphones, flashlights, radios and small speakers - it also has LED lights. This crucial accessory will help you handle the best music festivals in the world like a pro this season!

music festival gear and accessories - tent, chair, pillow and best fest shade canopy