Music Festival Packing List

Music Festival Packing List for Epic Campouts

Is your music festival packing list filled with shiny coats and unicorn onesies?

Well, so is ours.

But fabulous fashion accessories won’t always be enough to get you through the weekend when the weather turns rough. We figured that out seven years ago and have been building this enormous checklist ever since. Now we’re passing the knowledge along to you.

The Official Music Festival Packing List

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  1. tent gear
    • festival tent – make sure you have all the required gear
    • rain fly – double check that this is still in your tent bag
    • poles – triple check that these are in there, too
    • stakes – these are essential for unexpected wind gusts
    • mallet – bring one to share with your neighbors
    • light – you’re tent will be way cooler with a ceiling light-fan
    • tarp – put your tent on this to add a protective waterproof layer
  2. bedtime essentials
  3. camp lighting
    • hanging lights – put these up high in your festival campsite
    • led lanterns – long lasting lights are crucial for festival nights
    • solar lights – forget the batteries on purpose this time
    • floor lights – dance around your campsite without tripping
    • decorative – get into the festival spirit with pretty lights
  4. shade canopy 
    • 13 x 13 shade canopy – this super festival essential is crucial
    • side walls – the more shade the better – that’s what I say
    • stakes – don’t let your canopy trample your neighbors
    • light – use a hanging ceiling light for an even spread of light
  5.  festival chairs
    • shaded seats – stop fighting for spots under the shade
    • zero gravity – unwind from the festival grind and put your feet up
  6.  table essentials
    • folding table – eating off the floor is over rated – keep your base camp classy
    • table cover – I might sound like your mother but these are mess savers
    • table clamps – clamps are crucial to deal with the wind
  7.  festival cooler
  8.  water container
  9.  charging station
  10. portable speakers

Stay Fresh at the Fest List

  1.  cleansing wipes
    • for the body – wipe off the grime with refreshing body wipes
  2.  shower gear
  3.  better bathroom
    • hand sanitizer – keep your hands clean, even after the soap runs out
    • personal toilet paper – don’t depend on the port-a-potties to be stocked
    • toilet seat covers – keep your buns clean if you have to take a seat
    • baby wipes – fresher is better – keep everything with wipes
    • headlamp – not all port-a-potties have lights – don’t pee in the dark

Festival Clothing List

  1.  adventure underwear
    • women | men – moisture-wicking technology – stay dry down there
  2.  sweat-proof socks
    • women | men – dry foot technology – fewer blisters & less smell
  3.  serious shorts
    • women | men – hiking quality shorts – music festivals will make you move
  4.  comfy-cool shirts
    • women | men – summer time styles – beat the heat with comfort and style
  5.  festival pants
    • women | men – comfortable & durable – remember your ABC’s – always be cool
  6.  big jackets
    •  women | men – late night jackets – you’ll need one when it gets cold at night
  7.  warm gloves
    •  women | men – cozy festival gloves – don’t let the cold slow you down

The art of festivaling is an evolving process that involves preparation, celebration, and experimentation. Over the years, we have realized that festivals are better when you bring the right stuff. Having the essential gear and accessories will alter your entire perception of any event. Comfort and functionality are equally important during your outdoor audio adventures, that’s why we built this music festival packing list. We hope you enjoy never forgetting your crucial festival gear items like we have!

Essential, festival gear list and suggestions

We designed this music festival packing list to help you pack like a pro for your next fest

The list covers basic gear and most essential items to ensure your needs will be met throughout the weekend. With your needs met, you can let go of your worries and focus on the festival moments at hand, comfortably. Most of these items are available on Amazon via the links next to the gear suggestions throughout the festival essentials list (we may acquire a small percentage of certain items – so thank you for the support).

If we forgot anything that you feel is essential to making the best music festivals even better, please send your suggestions to


For more suggestions, check out 8 Things (Almost) Every Festival Babe Needs.


Happy Festivaling!

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