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meme of paul rudd in front of bass guitar, text reads seriously time to start slappin

5 Slappin Da Bass Mon Memes – Paul Rudd

  It’s winter! And we’re kicking things off with 5 of the best Slappin Da Bass Mon memes we could find. Featuring scenes from I Love You, Man and the hilarious Paul Rudd – these top picks are certain to please.   We also have an electronic playlist featuring some of our favorite artists’ music. And yes, there are […]

music festival babe twirling colorful flags

8 Things (Almost) Every Festival Babe Needs

Music Festival Season is always better when you’re prepared. The savvy festival babe knows this and always plans ahead. That’s why we asked around and built a list of the 8 things (almost) every girl needs to have the best time at music festivals in the US! Does your festival gear cover the bases?   […]

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7 Best Electronic Music Blogs for Bass Heads

Inspired by the best electronic music blogs around, we set out to feature a few of our idols today. As you can probably tell, our team loves festivals – and bass loving websites have become a catalyst for the scene’s growth. Music lovers now have more technology and communication power on hand than ever before. […]

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Lightning In A Bottle Music Festival

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These music festivals wouldn't be the same without lots of live electronic dance music. Be sure to stop by our live music page to hear our curated selection of music festival performers and EDM artists.

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival

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Safer Music Venues in 2016

Remember to be safe out there, friends. Music festivals and electronic events should not be dangerous. Be sure to hold the promoters and venue owners to the highest standards. Ask your local environmental consultants if you have any concerns about hazardous conditions at events. Water and cool conditions should always be provided, but sometimes the dangers can't be seen and require high-tech lead or asbestos testing to determine their presence.