The Best Music Festivals In The World 2016

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The best music festivals in the world have captured our hearts and inspired our imaginations. We try to find, experience and rate each festival fairly, however, we have a strong bias toward the top electronic music and transformation festivals. Our scores are based upon overall environment and music fest experience, which considers the lineup, the artists, the activities, the intentions, the chance for growth and the latest news. Be sure to check out Best Music Fest's

Be sure to check out Best Music Fest's handpicked festival gear recommendations so you can rock each festival like a pro. You can also listen to festival inspired playlists featuring the best

You can also listen to festival inspired playlists featuring the best electronic music to get a taste of the 2015 highlights from each lineup.



Lightning In A Bottle – One Of The Best Music Festivals In The World

LIB is undoubtedly one of the best music festivals in the world!

The Do Lab's infamous Lightning in a Bottle has provided endless amounts of great times with really good people and lots of electronic music. We feel it's the spitting image of a dream festival. Their mission to leave it better has been setting an example across the festival industry - and to all of us - to go green. They understand the potential to learn and grow from an electronic music festival environment within the U.S. By focusing on mental and physical health along with community and forward-thinking at the forefront of a spectacularly magical wonderland saturated with on point music of every sort, they have nearly perfected the recipe for personal growth and the occasional life-changing moment.


Bonnaroo – Best Camping Music And Arts Festival

If you love live music then this is one of the best music festivals for you. Just be ready for a weekend full of unexpected adventures and discovering dance moves you didn't know you had. Bonnaroo's festival grounds, The Farm provide the perfect environment for building psychedelic forest party installations and framing mind-blowing performances by artists of every sort.


Tomorrowland – Best Electronic Music Festivals

Electronic music festivals of this size and nature are few and far between.

Tomorrowland now spans two weekends in two different locations, Brazil and Belgium. It has even given rise to an American sister EDM festival, Tomorrow World. This music festival features larger than life constructions and a live music lineup featuring the best EDM artists on the planet!


Here's a Quick Flashback from our 2015 Music Festival Video Guide

Remember when the 2015 music festival dates and lineups were announced last year?

The Best Music Fest Team didn't want to miss a beat when the season came around, so we started peeping the scene ahead of time. Much to our delight, the season's circuit was chock full of festivals that would be slappin da bass as hard as possible.

Our inspiration for this project came from a major concern about overlapping music festival dates for Memorial Day Weekend. Lightning in a Bottle and Movement Detroit Electronic Music Festival are going down on the same weekend next year.

We know that there might be a lot of tough choices to make come next season, so we tried our best to help you decide which ones to catch based on what matters to you.

Here are our 2 favorite videos from the guide:

LIB 2015 – Memorial Day Weekend

We have a very special place in our hearts for Lightning in a Bottle. Last year the music fest fell on the same weekend as an up and coming electronic music festival in Detroit.


Movement 2015 – Memorial Day Weekend

The Movement Electronic Music Festival looks pretty awesome with a great line up and a venue that is smack dab in the middle of a historically significant cultural hub. It will feature some of the best electronic music played by several of the greatest edm artists ever. Is this electronic music fest the one for you come Memorial Day Weekend?


Best Music Festivals 2014 Video Recap

The following festivals are archived here from the best music festivals 2014 video recap page. 

This is a curated selection of live music fest performances. It's dedicated to all those music festival fanatics that can't stand being apart from the scene. These live performances feature electronic musicians that know how to incorporate heavy doses of pure energy into all of their music. If you're anything like us you might get stuck watching them all day wishing you were at one of the best music festivals in the world.

Please let us know if you have any great music festival videos to share.

Thanks to everyone that helped capture these memories!


Armin van Burren Live at Tomorrowland | Best Music Festivals 2014 Video Recap

What's not to love about one of the greatest electronic music producers playing uplifting trance on an epic stage at one of the biggest music festivals in the world? In this video we see and hear the Dutch DJ, Armin van Burren take the good people of Tomorrowland Music Festival to a higher place. This will definitely be a lasting best music fest moment.

This will definitely be a lasting Best Music Fest moment.


Hardwell Live at Tomorrowland | Best Music Festivals 2014 Video Recap

Infamous EDM DJ brought some serious slappers to the Tomorrowland crowd. His bass heavy, melodic beats paired perfectly with the oversized ambiance and ecstatic light/firework display!



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