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The majority of our music festival reviews are Gonzo in nature. That means we experienced the fest first hand. When available each review will include photos, videos and playlists. We're hoping this will help recreate the festival vibes. You can also find most of the artists on each festival lineup on our electronic music blog. It's an awesome section of the site dedicated to finding the best electronic music in the world.

Dirtybird Campout Music Festival Review

Our latest music festival review was a real treat to create. This time our adventures lead us to the inaugural Dirtybird Campout music festival. This event was co-produced by Dirtybird Records and Do LAB. The fest featured a house-heavy lineup with some of the best electronic music producers in the U.S.A. The single stage was complemented by fields full of festival goers, too. Everyone got to participate in summer camp themed activities and competitions.

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Woogie Weekend Music Festival Review

This year southern California got to enjoy the birth of a new music festival. Woogie Weekend was produced by The Do LaB.  You might know them for their transformation music festival, Lightning in a Bottle. Specifically a house music camping festival, Woogie Weeked was a single stage event. The smaller area created an intimate atmosphere with lotd of dance floor loving festival friends.

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Dirtybird BBQ Music Festival Review

Dirtybird Records has been making booty shaking house beats for over 10 years now. Their house heavy, BBQ focused, day long, electronic music festivals were their first step onto the festival circuit. This music festival review really gives you an idea of the community vibes, BBQ smells and bass drops that filled the San Francisco air the day that Dirtybird - and their delicious burgers - came to town.

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Symbiosis Gathering Music Festival Review

Here's a music festival preview and playlist featuring one of California's best venues. This transformation festival places a lot of focus on personal growth and community strength. They also get to enjoy the refreshing currents of a So Cal river. And yes, it floats festival goers down stream to a floating stage. You'll find a lot of calming world music fused with tons of electronic beats and dance inducing songs.

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Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival Review

Lightning in a Bottle just might be California's top camping festival. Featuring 3 main stages and interactive art around every turn, the Do LaB has done an excellent job perfecting their production over the past several years. Known for breathtaking live performances as well as dance inducing live, electronic, bass and house music, LIB is definitely one of the best music festivals in the world.

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Shambhala Music Festival Review

Shambhala music festival is a sponsorship-free events featuring some of the best electronic music in the world. Set in the mountains of British Columbia, this Canadian music festival has turned heads from all over the world. Be sure to catch this transformational event if you can make it.

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