What is Coachella Music Festival?

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is always one of the most anticipated and largest music and arts festival in California this year. With its renowned location, gorgeous setting, tons of genres and numerous incredible performers, it really is a perfect place to be.

But what is Coachella known for besides this great music-filled gathering?

Well, for starters, Coachella Valley is well known for its wonderful desert setting with hot summers and cool dry winters.

what is coachella


Coachella Valley boasts of numerous scenic vistas and natural attractions such as the San Miguel National Forest, which is the location of the famous Burning Man Festival, and the stunning Redwood National Forests. The Coachella Valley also boasts of gorgeous views such as those from Lake Tahoe and several highways in the area. With its large variety of outdoor activities, festivals and events, the Coachella Valley draws in thousands of visitors every single year. Aside from music and art, the area offers horseback riding, fishing, camping, golfing, hiking, biking, and more.

All things considered, it's no wonder that Coachella weekends get packed with people. 

During the summer months, the Coachella Valley prides itself of hosting the popular annual Desert Wind Music Festival, which draws hundreds of fans from near and far. It's also the perfect place to go for the annual Spring Arts and Crafts Festival, a month-long festival that showcases the talent and creativity of the artsy locals as well as showcase the goods and wares of the many local artists and dealers.

Then on the other end of the spectrum, at the end of June, the annual Lemon Festival turns the desert into a party central as people get together to celebrate the joys and beauties of the California lemon tree. In between these events, the world-famous Desert Food & Wine Festival take place in April, with music and food festivals taking place in May and June. And even in November, the annual Arts and Crafts Festival turn the desert into a food paradise with live entertainment, workshops, artisans, and family fun.

You can get tickets to these awesome events online. A few sites that may have deals are: Live Nation Ticket Exchange, Buy Tickets Last Minute, and Eventbrite.

You can find great prices on things to do in Coachella by shopping around. But if you want to experience the excitement even when it's not yet summer, the best thing to do is to plan your trip for mid-weekend.

A Few Things to Know About Coachella

The number one event in the area is the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

This is where the main attractions of Coachella come together - the biggest and the most talented acts from the world come to show off their music and entertain the crowds all night long.

Over the years, many famous and established acts have come and gone.

Music lovers and music events aficionados plan their vacations to see the line up of local artists and national talent that perform throughout 2 weekends of jam-packed, star-studded performances.

Of course, not everything at the music festival is about music, entertainment, and free dancing.

Besides featuring some of the biggest names from the music industry, the three-day event also includes theater and visual art displays as well as several other cultural events. There is an exhibit of indigenous arts and craft and many restaurants will offer dinner and dance shows, as well as other activities like food and other parties to enjoy the festivity even more.

Another one of the most popular attractions at the Polo Fields in Indio is the infamous Stagecoach Country Music Festival.

This legendary festival has seen countless crazy country cats play some of the most memorable shows ever. You can expect fantastic performances by world-renowned bands, and DJs, as well as appearances by well-known celebrities from the music scene. 

If you are looking for a unique family event and something that is completely unlike anything else you have experienced, then consider attending one of the funnest festivals of the West: the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Featuring top-notch speakers, and performers, as well as some of the most talented artists in the music industry, this event really does have it all.

Both weekends tend to sell out fast so sign up for notifications on their website. 

Crowds and lines can get rough, so plan on showing up early to secure a spot.

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