What is Burning Man?

Burning Man is an annual festival organized in the state of Nevada to raise consciousness and offer an outlet for creative, motivated individuals. The slogan of Burning Man is" Live like it's Burning". Events at Burning Man involve large-scale activities that can last for several days, weeks or months. There is no set limit on how much time you can spend enjoying the art and music. Most events last for two days but there is often an option for a one-day event as well.

What is Burning Man


Before heading out to this year's Burning Man Festival, know what you are getting into. This is no ordinary outdoor party. Music, poetry, movies, ritual, and art are all part of the experience. If you have never experienced what Burning Man is all about, checkout a first-timer's guide to the fun-filled, self-organized event.

What is Burning Man like for a first-timer?

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement and think you know what you are doing when you visit Burning Man. But a Burning Man Guide to the Arts and a little research on what takes place at the event could help prepare you for what is truly an experience like no other.

The Playa is where the event is held and is located less than an hour from Las Vegas. With beautiful views of the Las Vegas Strip and the mountains behind you, it is easy to see why so many people visit Black Rock each year. Black Rock has been called the most beautiful playa in the world and is where the Man burn occurs. When traveling with your family, consider bringing some lunch or dinner items because there is no gas or electricity available at the Burning Man event. Bring plenty of water as well as sun tan lotion to stay cool and hydrated on the scorching hot Playa.

Tips to Prepare for the Playa

There are a few things every family should do before heading to the Burning Man event site. First, make sure your children are properly vaccinated for a few illnesses, especially measles, rubella, and chicken pox. Then, plan a family RV camping trip and pack a little something for everyone; a first-aid kit, insect repellant, bottled water, and toilet paper are a few good items. Also, don't forget to bring the sunscreen and lip balm as you will definitely need to protect your skin from the burning desert sun.

While there are no trash cans at the Playa, you will need a place to collect your waste (it's always easier and more convenient to have a container to dump things rather than trying to find a place to throw things out every few hours). There are plenty of RVs available to rent and most of them come with a restroom and sink. Before setting out with your family RV, ask about campground fees and charges for using the Playa.

A family tent can also be an excellent choice for a fun family vacation in the Desert. With a little research, you can find even cheaper tents. Be sure it's sturdy enough to withstand strong windstorms and buckets of sand should the wind pick up.

If you decide to attend the art event at Black Rock, then you are in for an adventure.

It is definitely not easy traveling around the Playa, especially during the night because the Playa becomes almost completely dark. If you are one of those people who enjoy the excitement of adventure, consider renting a car and plan on touring the area on your own.

You might even make a day trip out of it and visit the neighboring areas of Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, and Oxnard, California. Your RV camping could even include a stop at the famous Mount Charleston Ski Resort in Crested Butte.

Once you have had your first taste of Burning Man, you may quickly feel compelled to stay a few days and experience the full event. There is no shortage of activities to do around the area, so it should not be difficult to fit in a few days of entertainment. The festival makes it easy to explore without having to go far. After enjoying your time on the Playa, you can go swing by the Vegas Strip for a decompression party... and maybe some Roulette.

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