Top Selling Electronic Dance Music

electronic dance music

Electronic dance music has gone through major evolution in the past few years. The emergence of such genres as techno, house and hip hop has been a turning point for music lovers all over the world. Electronic music has emerged as the most happening and popular form of music in the recent era. Some of the top albums and tracks that have charted the popularity ladder include hits by big names like Prodigy, Koolhaas, Prince and many others.


Electronic music is characterized by drum beats, bass lines and other percussion instruments combined with synthesizer sounds that can be found in dance club mixers. Main sources: Live dance parties, radio DJ's and Top music genres in the UK. This music genre is highly experimental and has embraced new approaches and sounds from all over the world. Artists like Disclosure, Cashmere Cat, Jusuru, Diplobacter and many others have created major hits using trance and house music styles.


House music is another form that has gained huge popularity with the boom in the number of clubs offering this service. Most DJs and producers offer this service and they are usually based in clubs and warehouses. This electronic dance music genre is also known as 'house'. The DJ takes charge of the dance floor and he or she plays exclusive sets that are based on musical themes and beats. Other services provided by house DJs are light show and special requests such as flashing lights, fog machines and many others.


Trance is another form of electronic dance music that has crossed borders and transformed into one of the most popular music styles in the recent years. The trance music genre emerged around four decades ago and started with artists like John Digweed and his amazing 'Digga Beats'. The need for an alternative to popular commercial dance tracks prompted artists like Above and Years and their 'Amen break' to create a new electronic dance track based on trance music and LPs. Artists like Above and Years and Disclosure have created some of the biggest selling trance songs of all time and made it even more popular as electronic dance music.


Trance songs feature deep vocals that are soothing and melodic. The beat is slow and hypnotic and often made up of repeated tones. Music libraries featuring trance songs are easily accessible through Internet downloads. A good example of a good trance tune is the track 'ibelts'. This track was produced by Above and Years and features on the albums 'Echoes', 'yscapes' and 'Secrets'. 'Aphasia' is another example of a good trance tune, as is 'Aborus'.


Another great electronic dance tune is the track 'Lazeroo'. This track was produced by Above and Years and features on the album 'Wake Your Mind Up'. This is one of the most soothing trance songs you will hear. Other popular electronic dance music includes 'Gate', 'Orchid' and 'Lovesport'. These songs often feature deep and slow drum beats and are very soothing to the ears.


If you are looking for electronic dance music that is uplifting, 'Feel Good' by Russel Simmons will give you plenty of inspiration. This uplifting track features on the hit album 'eland'. The song is a great choice for those looking for electronic dance music that has a huge bass sound to it. The song can be used as a background noise in clubs, or used during an intense break dance competition.


Popular trance songs are typically tracks that feature keyboards, pads, and rhythms. These songs are great for setting the mood for other trance music tracks. In addition, these types of songs are great for introducing new dance moves into a routine. You can use trance songs for enhancing your dancing, as well as setting the mood for a number of other trance songs that you enjoy.