The Best EDM Songs for 2021


If you're looking for the best EDM songs to play at an event or track, listen up! This article is about you, the potential attendee. It's about what makes you tick and what makes you want to come to our events. This article will cover the 3 best EDM genres and which are the best choices for us. Whether it's house parties nightclubs, or concerts, there is EDM available for every type of party! And if we're talking top electronic music, we must touch on the Top 3:


Best Trance Songs of All Time Classic Trance Songs-Folk, Afro Funk, Hip Hop, Pop EDM Bands-We cannot be specific about this category as it would be impossible to mention them all. Best Trance Songs of All Time would definitely be a subjective list. We will, however, touch on some of the more popular versions of trance such as "roid rave" by The Swedish House Mafia, "I've Still Got Something to Say" by Disclosure, "All For You" by Armani and Disclosure, "Wake Me Up" by Armani, "Slumdog Millionaire" by AWOL, "Wake Me Up" by Mansion, "I Remember You" by DMA'Z, "Hangin On" by HAitual, "Love Rollerball" by AWOL, and "Lift Me Up" by Mansion. These are just some of the more popular examples of trance that are considered the best in this particular genre.


Probably one of the most popular genres of electronic dance music is the dubstep. Dubstep is very intense, hard core and features many different styles of music from drum and bass to hardline. Dubstep is constantly evolving and new artists are popping up all the time with great talent. One of the most popular songs on the market at the moment is "amins". This song by Infected is a massive hit with the producers around the world and it was even made into a movie.


Another artist who has a huge dubstep following is Nocturnal. He has been producing top quality Dubstep for years now and his song, "Take Me Away" is at the top of the charts at the moment. His other hit song is "LPX".


A lot of people love breakcore and electro-swing but there is another underground genre that is gaining fans fast called Dillin. Dillin is basically a mixture of breakcore and classic reggae but because it is played on a drum machine instead of with a bass guitar, it sounds much different. Dillin has had a huge year with hits such as Number One, Dance (ft. Wale), and Feel My Power. In August he has a record coming out called Shmoney Dance (with Wale). This song is expected to be one of the top hits of 2021.


Above & Beyond feature four EDM singers and they have made a name for themselves playing around the world. They have been playing shows all over the UK and have sold out several times at some of the biggest dance clubs in the UK. These days their music has got even further down the charts in the United States where fans expect it to reach the top ten.


Krystal Rodriguez is another of the rising stars in the UK and has gained a reputation for her amazing vocals. She has a great voice and has recently released a track with her boyfriend called No Tey for his album entitled Survive. This track has made the rounds in the States and has been making the rave scenes all over again. She also has a song titled Touch Me Not, which is produced by the legendary producer Don Diablo. These songs are sure to become hits as they feature high quality synths and beat, something that cannot always be guaranteed when you buy a song from an online distributor.


No One feat. Alex da Kid is a new Banger of the Month featuring Alex da Kid taking over the reigns from longtime vocalist Kevyn Macchio. This track was produced by Don Diablo and is produced in a style similar to his "Look" series, which is full of high quality beats and heavy bass. A banger indeed!