FESTIVAL NEWS: Woogie Weekend Lineup Announced

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Are we excited about Woogie Weekend?!?! Oh hell yeah!!!
The lineup has just released and it's full of greatness from the techno/house/disco fruit tree. It has been a most bountiful harvest for The Do LaB! They have plucked the finest fruits around for us all to seriously get down!
Hold on tight… I’m about to name some #BestMusicFest favorites…
Are you dancing comfortably? …then I’ll begin:
Gigamesh - Adam Freeland - Lee Burridge - Nick Warren - Pumpkin - Rufus Du Soul
Looks like we all better get into some intense Woogie training before July 17th
Is it possible to Woogie all weekend without taking a break? #BestMusicFest will let you know as soon as we have triumphed or failed!
Peace & Love Brothers & Sisters,
See you in Woogie Land!
For more information checkout WoogieWknd.com.
#ReachForTheLasers #IDontDanceIWoogie #WoogieWknd
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