Woogie Weekend Outshines Summer

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Woogie Weekend Outshines Summer

A Gonzo Review of the Second Annual Woogie Weekend Music Festival

woogie weekend sign behind festival attendee playing frisbee at sunset

Woogie Weekend’s return to Oak Canyon Park shined brighter than the sun this summer.

From July 8-10, Do LaB’s magical vibe returned to a gorgeous oasis deep inside the heart of Southern California. Once home to the legendary Lightning in a Bottle, the venue seemed to glow from the pilgrimage of the festival family’s original members. Without a cloud in the sky, the second annual Woogie Weekend brought a healthy dose of house music and techno with a refreshing side of yoga, live art and the Bijoulettes’ slip n’ slide to the grassy park. 

an artist paints in the park at woogie weekend 2016

In a similar fashion to LIB circa 2010, the sun-drenched fields of grass came to life with larger-than-life art installations, intricate stages and a fleet of talented artists. Closed off to the hillside once home to the Temple of Consciousness, the lesser amount of available venue resulted in a more intimate festival. The close quarters encouraged a stronger community vibe which thrived off of Do LaB’s mission to bring communities together. A small venue also meant shorter walking distances between camp and the stages, which meant more energy for the dance floor… grass… whatever.

artwork in the park at Do LaB's woogie weekend

An easy going and unpretentious community created the relaxing and recharging vibe we had been searching for all summer. Walking into the park felt like coming home – but to a party where you’ve been dancing all your life and everyone is your best friend. The festival was the most blissful, charming and inspiring weekend of the 2016 season… and it felt like a vacation, too.



Featuring the likes of Benoit & Sergio, Claptone, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Jon Hopkins, the lineup brought an uplifting vibe to the park. Everywhere we woogie’d, we found more woogie’rs woogy’ing out. The energetic mix of house, techno and electronic music seemed to put a bit of pep in everyone’s step and a cheeky grin on everyone’s face. 


Together in bass, the Do LaB community and friends partied in a refreshing lakeshore breeze. As the park filled with the festival’s ensemble, art cars such as a giant flamingo and the bubble-blowing, disco-ball-spinning Funn Machine began to push the bounds of party mode further and further. At points it was ludicrous – we ‘partied til we just couldn’t party no more’.