Woogie Weekend: 5 Reasons to be Excited for New Do LaB Music Festival

Southern California will soon witness the birth of a new music festival. This fest will be the long awaited and highly anticipated love child of Do LaB's creative geniuses and the beautiful, sexy freaky family that has grown together through their beloved Lightning in a Bottle. Featuring a theme based on the Woogie Stage, home to some of the best dance parties at LIB, Woogie Weekend now beckons the LIB Fam back to the majestic Oak Canyon Ranch, where the magic started for many of us 6 years ago.

Our team at Best Music Fest has been excited for this new fest since we saw the teaser on the back of the Lightning in a Bottle Event Guides back in May. The minds behind Do LaB have earned our trust by proving time after time that they understand how to throw amazing music festivals and events. Their approach to festivals has grown organically and the resulting atmosphere that they facilitate exudes an undeniable balance between feminine and masculine energies. Thanks to founding brothers Dede, Jesse and Josh Flemming's profound decision to empower friends and inspirational artists such as Dream (curator of Temple of Consciousness & producer of The Lucent Dossier Experience), Shrine (curator of giant, organic artwork and structures) and Android Jones (producer of digitally inclined, psychedelic, cyborg, machine-art and mind bending visual effects) their events turnout well-rounded to say the least.

The transformational music and arts festival that Lightning in a Bottle has become reflects its community of like-minded individuals. They share a passion for life, love, art and music. They believe in education, personal growth and health. They love the Earth. They love each other. They love doing yoga. They love pushing the limits. And they love to party. We expect Woogie Weekend to reflect this community's style and offer a return to its roots with a smaller scale event.

If nostalgia, trust or faith haven't lead you to get a ticket yet, here are our 5 best reasons to get off the fence and commit to this undoubtedly good time:

1. The Incredible, Pristine Music Festival Location

As we all know music, nature and festivals go hand-in-hand. Oak Canyon Ranch is a beautiful stretch of land set beside a lake, surrounded by hills and trees. This breathtaking, serene setting offers more than a view. It also includes an incredibly efficient layout that many music festivals would envy. Woogie Weekend's grounds will take about 10 minutes to traverse from one side to the other. The smaller size will certainly make the festival a more intimate experience.

It's also conveniently located a short distance from L.A. and San Diego.

2. The Music is Guaranteed to Make You Woogie

Featuring a genre blurring lineup of acclaimed international and local artists, you're certainly going to enjoy copious amounts of free dancing at this new Do LaB music festival. In fact, there's a 97% chance that by the end of the festival you will have danced in ways you may not have thought possible. With a line-up featuring international superstars such as Nick Warren, Jonas Rothsman, Marcel Fengler, Pig & Dan, Camea, Gorje Hewek & Izhevski and Just Be (Bushwacka!) you won't dance-you'll Woogie.

We're also happy to see locals such as San Diego's up and comer Mikey Lion (Desert Hearts) taking a prominent place amongst these house and dance music legends. Mikey speaks gratefully of Do Lab saying,

"The Do Lab has always been a major source of inspiration for me in my adult life. My first transformational festival was Lightning In A Bottle 2011 and it completely changed my life. The festival had such a profound impact on me that I actually took my parents to LIB 2012 when I played The Woogie Stage for the first time."


3. The After Hours Crews Know How to Party

We think the after hours are when the best adventures begin at music festivals. Woogie Weekend's late night fun has been left in the capable hands of 4 crews, including the collective behind the Woogie Stage - Pocket. Based out of Los Angeles and San Francisco, Pocket is an event production and DJ crew that loves slappin the bass. Home to names we have all grown to recognize, such as Pumpkin, Jesse Wright, and Sammy Bliss - Pocket is a 'collective of house music lovin’ experience, talent, and knowledge.'

You'll also explore your way into late night areas throughout the festival hosted by Feral (Jeremy Sole's newest tribal creation) as well as Love Life (San Diego's premiere underground party crew) and As You Like It (San Francisco's rising collective). Each of these groups will contribute their own distinct sounds and style that will keep you dancing til sunrise.

Get ready to discover awesome new acts and mind-blowing displays.

4. You Love Yoga and You Also Love to Party

Yoga has played a role at Lightning in a Bottle since the very first year. It only makes sense to include this important element in their newest addition to the family. Woogie Weekend will have group yoga sessions on Saturday and Sunday from 8am-11am.

Be sure to bring your yoga mat to join your friends for some morning movement and meditation before the music starts. The Do LaB has selected a few favorite LIB yogi veterans who will return to share their experience, knowledge and personal styles. Enjoy the gentle mornings with Gianna DeFlice, Kishan Shah, Shawni and Tony Guliano to prepare yourself for the epic dancing that will ensue once the bass drops.

5. The Bijoulette’s Are Hosting a Giant Slip n’ Slide

What better way to beat the heat than with the Bijoulette beauties and a slip n' slide treat. With a forecast pushing the high 80's you're going to want to stay cool. Why not do it as you slide down a hill surrounded by dancing clowns at one of the best music festivals in the world? This fun dance troupe loves to break the ice by being as silly as possible. We imagine the giant slip n' slide experience will be something that ought not to be missed.

Could it be that every music festival should feature a giant game or toy from our childhood? LIB's Giant Skee Ball (provided by New Belgium Brewing @NewBelgium_SoCal) certainly won over a lot of hearts a few months back. Do LaB certainly seems to do things right, so we imagine this activity will be another big hit.  

The Do LaB says, "We’re placing an interactive slip N slide in a cool grassy area of the festival that’s sure to cool you down whilst inducing big smiles and lots of giggles. Get ready for an experience like no other as we combine the sounds of the Woogie with slippery summer fun!"

Be sure to pack your swimsuit, but please namaste out of the lake.

wet-n-woogie-time Bijoulette


We’ll see you at Woogie Weekend July 17th – 19th

This New Do LaB Music Festival Will Be Amazing!

For more info go to WoogieWKND.com


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