What Makes The Best Music Festivals in the US Matter?

festival guests sitting at one of the best music festivals in the world

Some of the greatest lessons in life can be presented to us in the strangest of ways at music festivals. That's why we love them. It's also why many like minded friends spend the whole year dreaming of dancing and yoga and beautiful mornings full of blissful meditation back at whichever festival they miss the most. But what is it that really keeps us so excited that we all keep coming back to our favorite venues at the best music festivals in the US? Or how about the drive that pushes global travelers back to their preferred fests every year? Once you have been to one of the best music festivals in the world, you will understand how badly these festival attendees miss their events.

festival guest in top hat at electronic music festival, lightning in a bottle

Maybe it's the music (read: loud electronic music by the best EDM artists in the world).  Maybe it's the art. Maybe it's the friends. The answer will be different for everyone of us and for every music fest. In fact it seems that the entire US music festival experience can depend on your willingness to embrace it. That's why we love a good festival camp out where we're all forced to relinquish control over our everyday privileges and have to rough it with our friends. Plus, it's one of the best ways to stay off the roads after a long day and night of partying. In fact, I think music festivals in the USA should have mandatory overnight camping for everyone's safety.


a view of the woogie stage from inside tent at electronic music festival, lightning in a bottle

In our opinion the best music festival is chock full of great electronic music with mind bending live performances by EDM artists that make you question our mundane realities to which we all at some point became accustomed. At great music fests your days should be overloaded with opportunity for self-improvement. Or - maybe more importantly - with opportunity to learn how you can help improve the world.

relaxing at lightning stage at favorite music fest lightning in a bottle

We love spending our days strolling through beautiful parks and napping in the shade between yoga classes, uplifting workshops and unfiltered doses of pure inspiration. Of course a little good food and tasty beer never hurts, either. What we think matters most is that the events you choose to attend offer a safe place for everyone to let loose and come together. No pun intended.

an EDM artists on the woogie stage playing electronic music for festival guests

Next time you decide to search for the best music festivals in the world make sure you pick them for the right reason. While lineups matter there really is a lot more to consider. It's up to all of us to look into the host's history and make sure they have a reputation for safe and sustainable music festivals in the US. The same applies for any festival in other parts of the world.

Your decision to attend and participate really does help shape the future of these events in America and across the globe.

Please party responsibly. Festival always. And remember to listen to the best electronic music every day.

Peace and love,

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the woogie, a house and electronic music stage at LIB festival, from camp

How does your favorite music festival keep you lifted throughout the year?
Why Music Festivals Keep Us Coming Back Each Year
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Why Music Festivals Keep Us Coming Back Each Year
Music festivals have a strange but undeniable attraction that keep us coming back each year. Somewhere between mind bending performances and napping under a tree something happens that's hard to describe.
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