Underworld: Set Review – Fox Theatre Pomona – April 13th

Underworld   April 13th Fox Theatre Pomona California United States

Take one great venue, one incredible set from legends Underworld, a pre Coachella warm up for most and a school night for some!
If you didn’t have the time of your life this fine evening then you may want to have a close friend/relative confirm or deny that you are actually alive.

The opportunity to see Underworld perform an intimate gig (Fox Theatre in Pomona) is not one you should ever pass up!
First off…Wow! That was one amazing fun night. Underworld took the stage after a warm up set from duo Bob Moses. The floor was filled with fun loving Underworld fans from all walks of life. Just another tribute to the experience that is Underworld live.

Starting off with new tracks 'I Exhale' and 'If Rah' from the latest release 'Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future’, the night was set for pure dirty epic magic.

The venue - in particular the dance floor -cwas slowly and patiently building up energy. Soon to be running at full steam. When the first few seconds of Juanita: Kiteless: To Dream of Love came dancing out of the speakers, the crowd were blissfully taken to a higher level. Ova Nova came up next, a beautiful new track, more on the chilled downtempo side of things. Everywhere I looked, people had huge smiles and euphoric gazes in their eyes.

Up next came Nylon Strung with its blissful sound and repeating vocal ‘Open me up, I wanna hold you’. The atmosphere on the dance floor was special. It felt like one of those incredible festival sets when the evening is in full force and you are literally bursting at the seams with love, surrounded by fellow humans all feeling exactly the same, grooving and moving to the same beat. Fk man..crazy goosebumps just replaying/re-living the memories of the night.

Two Months Off came bursting out the sound system and catapulted the whole venue into one unified dance frenzy ..ha ha, I saw countless people singing the words ‘ You bring light in’ to each other whilst getting down as one. Beautiful! Classic tracks 8 Ball, Jumbo, Ring Road & Push Upstairs came flowing through next, all sublime and building on the evening's magic and showing other sides to their extensive and legendary back catalogue. The crowd - still dancing as one and smiling deliriously - suddenly heard the wobbling shaky guitar intro beginnings of epic classic and fan favourite Shudder/King of Snake.

The place exploded with joy and everyone soaked up the 'banger' they needed to take the energy levels up another notch or two! It was out of this world! Let everything go and dance like you have no other purpose in this life!!

Reworked Dirty Club came up next followed by Low Burn already sounding like a Underworld classic. As Karl and Darren left the stage, Rick took the spotlight. Utilizing and twisting the classic speaker feeder Rowla giving us a hard, banging producer solo! Smoke machines billowed as the lights twitched and jerked frantically whilst nasty electro swirling sounds gave the crowd another lil' injection of high quality dance fuel. Huge applause was given back in appreciation.

With Karl and Darren rejoining the stage, Underworld classic Rez came slowly building out of the speakers to take the crowd once more back to the pulse and united rhythm that Underworld are so famous for. With Rez gently winding down and giving way to the timeless epic Cowgirl, the slow build of Karl’s chant ‘Everything, Everything’ looping and eventually evolving into more lyrical streams of consciousness from Karl. The crowd knew which track was coming next!

Timeless techno anthem Born Slippy gave everyone the excuse to go nuts for one final dance floor frenzy.

With the music over, looking around it was clear to see the magic Underworld had unleashed tonight.

This was a very special night. Sweaty, smiley & satisfied faces everywhere.

Karl and Rick may be getting old but after tonight's age-defying performance, we should all get to reconvene, unite and again soak up some more sonic love, Underworld style.


"I scream, 

I scream, 
I scream so much, 
you know what I mean this electric stream, and my tears in league with the wires and energy and my machine, 
this is my beautiful dream, 
I'm hurting no one, hurting no one, hurting no one, hurting no one
I want to give you everything,
I want to give you energy,
I want to give a good thing,
I want to give you everything"
'Cowgirl' lyrics 


• I Exhale
• If Rah
• Juanita: Kiteless: To Dream of Love
• Ova Nova
• Nylon Strung
• Two Months Off
• Eight Ball
• Jumbo
• Ring Road
• Push Upstairs
• King of Snake
• Dirty Club
• Low Burn
• Rowla
• Rez
• Cowgirl
• Born Slippy .NUXX


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