The Filthy Violets’ Return Rocks On At House Of Blues San Diego

the filthy violets play live rock music at house of blues

The Filthy Violets are back in action and San Diego is happy to see them return to the scene. On Friday night, a fired up crowd welcomed the local band to SD’s House of Blues for their second show since taking a break in November of 2013. Featuring a captivating taste of tunes chock full of grungy guitar riffs, contagious drum breaks and soulful vocals, their set proved that they are ready to take the stage once again.

Opening with Of the Night, the Violets immediately caught the crowd’s attention. As the down-tempo melodic sounds filled the room, a soothing vibe pulled everyone closer to the stage. The mood was set as San Diego tuned in and started swaying to the soft beat, laced with a subtle layer of delightful filth.

This was the band's second show since breaking their silence a month ago at Casbah, yet their stage presence remained cool, calm and collected the entire night. As their set continued, it ebbed and flowed between upbeat songs with dance inducing segments and slower selections that let the filthy guitar and stand-up bass licks stand out.

Picking up tempo, The Filthy Violets continued with a series of new songs, including Starlit Stranger, Sadistic Hound, Crumbs, Benjamin and Ryle Dekker. Each song played perfectly into the next and pulled the captivated audience deeper and deeper into the music. As the crowd continued to rock out, it was clear they were pleased with the show. They wore it loudly on their faces and expressed it further through their dancing.

Band members Jesse Lafica, Jeremiah Lafica, David Cortez, Marco Savoia and Josh Frontiero played an awesome show. The combination of drums, piano, bass, acoustic and electric guitar seamlessly fused together to create textured tunes that seemed to lift everyone's spirit. Their preparation and practice paid off as the show went on without a hitch, flowing through a range of genre defying songs that place them in a unique niche, leaning toward the indie side of life.

After playing a healthy portion of their new music, the Violets brought in another sample from their original album, Collection. This song really took it up a notch with a bouncy, feel-good beat that instantly stirred the crowd - including myself - into a dance frenzy. The upbeat drum patterns, grooving bass riffs and shredding guitar solos in this song make it a definite crowd pleaser.

They closed their set with another one of their new songs, Runaway and left the crowd thirsty for more tunes. Luckily for us, The Filthy Violets will return to southern California's sunny San Diego to rock the Casbah at the end of the month. Be sure to subscribe below or like the Violet's Facebook page to get an update when exact details are available. 

Want More Of The Filthy Violets?

If you'd like to check out more of their tunes, you can find The Filthy Violets' original album on Spotify and iTunes. Be sure to check back with Best Music Fest for updates about their shows. And who knows - they just might find their way to a stage at one of the best music festivals in California next year!

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