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The best music festivals in the US have been calling our name. We're looking forward to catching as many of them as possible in 2016. This American-Made section of the BMF blog is dedicated to festival finds, previews, reviews, playlists and artists that won't require a passport. Follow along as the Best Music Fest team members gear up for another epic festival season across the United States.


Serenity Gathering Music Festival March 17-20, 2016

Southern California has been proving itself to be a wonderful home for transformation music festivals such as San Diego's Serenity Gathering. Gear up and get ready for an excellent journey of peace, love, and sound in the local mountains about an hour away from from the infamous Gas Lamp District. This festival will feature lots of yoga and community building workshops along with several of the best EDM artists and bass-loving live electronic music producers on the west coast. The Best Music Fest Fam is especially excited about catching this event in our 2016 adventures.

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Lucidity Kindred Quest Music Festival April 8-10th 2016

Settled in the beautiful hillsides of Santa Barbara, Lucidity Kindred Quest Music Festival holds a steady focus on the power of transformation - both personal and communal. This charming event features a robust lineup of teachers, artists, performers and musicians. Both grass root acoustic styles and electronic dance music will fill the air between pockets of delicious vegetarian vendor clouds.

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Lightning in a Bottle Music and Arts Festivals May 2016

Lightning in a Bottle has been Southern California's premier electronic music festival for a few years, but unprecedented growth seems to be stirring up some concern among the veteran LIB'ers. No matter what happens, Best Music Fest will be on the scene to help keep the LIB spirit alive. Featuring 3 main stages and  an endless world of interactive art, side shows, fire dancing, yoga classes, culinary arts and more workshops than anyone could dream of catching, this festival is without a doubt one of the top music festivals in the USA and a front runner in the bid for world's best!

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Festival Inspired Playlists and the Best Electronic Music Ever

Be sure to check out our handpicked playlists to discover the best electronic music and EDM artists hitting the festival circuit in 2016.


Please Stay Safe During Festival Season

We can't stress how important it is to stay safe when enjoying your favorite festivals. Please take advantage of the information and free resources provided by the amazing, volunteer team at DanceSafe. They are dedicated to promoting health and safety within the electronic music community. Check them out at and join them for their inaugural Funky Formal Fundraiser on Sunday, April 10th 2016 .