Dubstep Visualized with Fire

The Ruben's Tube visualizes sound waves to show why Dubstep is so awesome... And it uses fire!

When man discovered fire he may have overlooked its potential to be used as a dubstep visualizer. In fact, it wasn't until 1905 that Heinrich Rubens realized flame could be used to show the relationship between sound waves and sound pressure. Thanks to his invention, the good people at Hard Science were able to use a device - known as the standing wave flame tube - to help explain why bass heavy electronic music - specifically dubstep - makes us feel so warm inside.

I'm surprised we haven't seen giant flame tubes make a big scene at music festivals, yet. Electronic music visualized with fire would certainly make a lot of bass heads happy. These analog visualizers could infuse art and science into each note of every song.  


Fire dancers spin traces of light at best music festivals in the world


Fire dancing always lightens the mood at festivals. Last year, Amori's Casino featured plenty of late night fire spinning in between the epic Lightning in a Bottle lineup. I feel like a Ruben's tube would have been right at home in that area.

Be sure to keep an eye out for a lot more fire - and dubstep - coming to the best music festivals in the world during the 2016 season!

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