Music Festival Tips: 3 Items You Should Leave at Home

As this year’s season rolls along we want to offer a few music festival tips that might make your next fest a bit more enjoyable. Are we going to show you the amazing accessory that lets girls pee standing up? No. Will we be reviewing sleeping pads that will save your back after a night of dancing? No… So what are we selling? Nothing. We just don’t want the following items to be ruining the view when we’re at the best music festivals in the world. That’s why we’re going to take a few steps back and suggest three items to forget about so packing will be a breeze!


#1. Best Music Fest says, “Leave the selfie stick at home.”

If you already have one of these we might be too late…

Just as the stormy sea of glowing smartphones began to settle amongst concert crowds, a new force-to-be-reckoned-with crashed through the surface. And then planted its skinny ass two feet in the air.

Since 2015 seems like a great year for us to all focus on living in the moment, let’s set our intentions to do so at the next music festival we get to attend. That means putting down the camera, Thomas Jack Cousteau. And forgetting about all those selfies, Pumpkim Kardashian. Your Instagram followers and Facebook friends will forgive you for posting a few less shaky videos of flashing lights and blown out music.

The people in your life are there for a reason. I guarantee the moment you share with people on the dance floor, will be exponentially more rewarding than sharing anything on social media.

girlls walk across festival grounds covered in plastic bottles and trash

#2. Music festivals should be clean and green. Forget the plastic bottles.

Festivaling in the midst of nature and beauty is better for the soul. That’s how I feel.

It’s hard to imagine how festival producers or attendees can leave their festival grounds¬† in terrible condition. One of the most common items found in these pools of garbage are those super convenient and refreshing plastic water bottles. So convenient you can just throw them down and walk away like everyone else has done, right? Plastic is totally biodegradable, right?

Let’s all take a hint from The Do LaB as they set and raise the standards for green, environmentally friendly festivals everywhere. Their inspirational arts and music festival Lightning in a Bottle – May 21-25 Bradley, CA – has been the only festival in the United States to be declared a Greener Festival for the past five years in a row. (See our LIB music festival review.) They do this by promoting a pack-it-in pack-it-out policy. One of the ways they help attendees effectively reduce waste is with free water stations where reusable stainless steel bottles and hydration packs may be filled.

Take a stand on this issue and let your favorite festival producers know you would like to see the next event be greener. Tell them to leave it beautiful. They’ll figure it out.

#3. Do you even lift? Yes? Then lift off that head dress.

Why are people still not getting this? Is there a Facebook group for tools that just keeps missing all the memos? I love that music festivals help bring out your creative talents and express  your artistic passions. Getting dressed up in crazy outfits helps elevate that energy. We always try to keep our get-ups as fun and positive as possible with a major emphasis on originality and self-expression. But do you really think throwing on a headdress is creative or self-expressive?

Borrowing an iconic item from a culture you’re not a part of just for the sake of partying does seem pretty distasteful to say the least.


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