Music Festival Moments: United at Woodstock 1969

crowd from stage at best music festival ever Woodstock 1969

“But when I played Woodstock 1969, I’ll never forget that moment looking out over the hundreds of thousands of people, the sea of humanity, seeing all those people united in such a unique way. It just touched me in a way that I’ll never forget.” – Edgar Winter

Give us a field, a few tents and some speakers… that’s all we need!

Woodstock 1969 was one of the first festivals to truly capture the spirit that makes such events so magical. You can see it over the shoulders of Joe Crocker (above). Thousands of people gathering to enjoy music and celebrate life. No pushing. No shoving. No complaining. No sense of entitlement. Just lots of people hanging out in a field, making do with whatever they had, and getting along with each other like one big happy family.

Here’s to the moments that inspire us to return to our favorite music festivals each year.

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