The Best Electronic Music And EDM Artists Play Live

A few music festivals in the US - and throughout the world - have figured this out

One of our favorite festival elements is the mind blowing live electronic dance music


The incorporation of live instruments over electronic music allows the best EDM artists to break all sorts of new ground - showing us all the potential of performance - and we love it. When our favorite musicians - or newly discovered show-stealing producers - start playing trumpets, saxophones, violins or other tools of the trade - all of us are in for a treat.  If you've noticed a trend towards quality EDM artists playing live instruments and remixing old school tunes into undeniably funky feel good jams at music festivals in the U.S., then you are in the right place. Be sure to keep this in mind when you search for or vote for the best music festivals in the world.



Joe Cocker playing live electronic music and rock on stage at Woodstock music festival 1969

The best electronic dance music has transcended beyond the basement studio days

They're using new technology to expand upon classic sounds and creating some of the best electronic music ever. This furthers the emotional fortitude and human connections that can be intricately laced within the more intimate sounds of a song. Like mad scientists these EDM artists and electronic dance music producers use their audio-space-tools to splice layers of sound into digestible segments. They add a sprig of emotion, a dash of hype and a dollop of dance to create super-infused beats that transcend the best electronic music title. These next level electronic musicians, EDM artists, live performers and live dance music acts have helped expand our minds countless times. So to return the favor, we're following them in between the best music festivals in the world.



From Dubstep to Dance, there's a genre of electronic music for everyone.

One of the best things about EDM is the versatility of sound that great artists may harness for the greater good. For a never ending source of electronic music you should check out The Untz.