Lightning in a Bottle Schedule

Lightning in a Bottle Lineup Released (2016)

The Do LaB has released the 2016 festival lineup and it looks great. This year's schedule will leave a lot of attendees torn between stages. Will you be spending most of your time at the Lightning, Thunder or Woogie Stage?

lightning in a bottle schedule 2016

The Lightning in a Bottle schedule has been released! (2015)

Note: This post refers to the Lightning in a Bottle 2015 Lineup. Please subscribe to our blog below for updates regarding the LIB 2016 Lineup.

Lightning in a Bottle Schedule and lineup 2015

Hi friends.

The Lightning in a Bottle lineup and set schedule has just been released and it looks incredible. We hope everyone enjoys planning out the sets and stages where you'll find your favorite artists this year. This is a really exciting time of the year. Sooner than later we will all be waking up in our super hot tents on Friday morning in the middle of one of the best music festivals in the world. YES, HAVE SOME!!!

But we also know this stage schedule might be heart wrenching or anxiety inducing for those of us torn between our two favorite acts. So what do you if you find yourself in this situation? Well, it's probably a good idea to just relax. You can always do the first-half/second-half set split and bounce around between whichever stages are calling your name. Based on my personal experience; however, it doesn't matter. I have slept through a few of my favorite artists on account of dancing too hard all day and night with musicians and performers that I had never heard of before.

This is the beautiful part of LIB. You don't need to schedule or plan out your nights by the minute. Just go and show up. Then use your ears, eyes and heart to have whatever adventure the festival has in store for you. Let your decisions happen organically. Respond to the moment. Follow the energy. Find the fun.

Try Not to Worry About this Year's Lightning in a Bottle Schedule

It will be nearly impossible to have a bad time if you surrender your desire to micromanage your personal schedule. The best music festivals tend to show us the way when the time is right. We suggest you commit to the experience, participate fully and don't worry if you perceive something as 'going wrong'. At Lightning in a Bottle you will be among friends and family. All of your basic needs will be met, your neighbors will have your back and the entire lineup will be top notch. If you realize you just missed your favorite artist - don't worry - everything is going to be alright!

P.S. If you missed your favorite live musicians or EDM artists' sets, be sure to check our playlist inspired by the Lightning in a Bottle Lineup - on your own schedule - for a full dose of the best electronic music in the world!

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