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I just spent five days surrounded by people not being machines... swimming in the pool of love they call Lightning in a Bottle. People were loving, living and glowing. Everyone was having a good ol' time... Now I cannot help but feel a little sadness coming on... I see the world I return to post-LIB as a mostly dark and confusing place (just as I did before)... People being machines... people being machines... people being machines...


"In my opinion, everyone could use an inspiring festival to call home...

...and everyone must get Woogie’d!!!" 


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you 'LIB 2015’                                         

As our adventure began, questions from last year's LIB experience lingered. How would the new design and layout workout? Would this year's weather be a repeat of last year's extreme temperatures, trying to kill us all? Would I wake up buried in dust, burnt to a crisp, cursing The Do LaB for bringing me to my end?

The short answer? ...No!

The new layout was a huge improvement... cutting down on the distance between stages and attractions made it a much more attractive proposal to fulfill one's wanderlust in the daytime sun. Thanks Do Lab!

I went back to Lightning in a Bottle this year ready to feel the wonder and pure joy of surrounding myself with so many good souls. So many people looking to share, create and love one another. I went back looking for further transformation, for  more inspiration and to spend valuable time with other like-minded souls.

This year, our group had expanded to a large bunch of wonderful people… Two groups of friends from different cities had come together whilst attending LIB a few years ago and this was to be our first time camping as one group. Just one more reason to be thankful for music festivals like LIB! Come together people! It took a little effort to convene as one group and caravan together onto the site… but hey no worries…

We are humans! We can do anything!              

So... camp set! Ready to Woogie!!!


The unique, fabulous and most definitely famous Woogie stage and the installations around it will make most folks smile madly from ear to ear. Personally, I am fascinated and feel a close bond with gnarled old scrub oaks, even more so when they are adorned, flashing with beautiful colors, lights and surrounded by a crowd synced to whatever beats are pulsing from the Woogie sound system.

This year's festival was the first to sell out in its history! Bravo!!

This will present its own unique set of problems to The Do LaB and its devoted family of LIB'ers... Personally I noticed a change in the crowd mentality and although off-putting at first with the noticeable increase in ground trash and general unsavory crowded behavior at the main stages, I soon came to realize that some of these newer attendees have the right to start their own LIB journey. I am rather sure that in time this unique festival will transform them as they are immersed in environments new and unfamiliar to them. They will meet people kinder, more loving and accepting than they have before!

Surely this is a great thing... isn't this how we all begin our transformations? By observing and learning from others? Weren't we all at one time mostly concerned with partying hardy? Without concern for our surroundings or our fellow partyers? For sure I was! ...I wasn't bad (was I?)... just a li'l unaware... I became more aware thanks to finding environments like LIB. Being turned on to the joy of participating in a world of caring and sharing.

When you immerse yourself in a transformative festival like LIB, you realize just how off course we, as humans, have gone. You also realize how many like-minded souls are helping steer us toward a more loving and sharing human experience. At LIB you will see and meet many people who daily, are trying to make the human journey a more fulfilling and beautiful experience. You will see and meet people of all ages, from all walks of life... performers, practitioners, dancers, lovers, smilers, high-fivers, sound healers, herbalists, artists, craftspeople, poets... all are welcome here!

It has been slightly rough to say the least coming back from LIB 2015 to the world of 'stay in your home, watch TV and trust no-one.' Screw that for a game of soldiers (as my grandad would say!) 


"Get out, Create, Absorb & Spread Love like your life depends on it because truly, it does!"


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Lightning in a Bottle 2015 - I Like This
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Lightning in a Bottle 2015 - I Like This
I just spent five days surrounded by people not being machines... swimming in the pool of love they call Lightning in a Bottle. People were loving, living and glowing...
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