Imagine Music Festival - Atlanta, GA - August 29 & 30, 2015

We're just a few days away from Imagine Music Festival, one of the best music festivals to ever hit Atlanta, GA. Known for its  incredibly energetic crowds and epic sets, Imagine is two-day electronic music festival held in Downtown Atlanta at Historic Fourth Ward Park and Masquerade Music Park. The 2015 lineup is better than ever so we had to put a playlist together to give everyone a sweet little preview of the dance inducing tunes we expect to hear at the fest.

Imagine Music Festival Lineup Features Best Electronic Talent 2015

The Lost City of Imaginarium is Coming to Atlanta

Everyone at Best Music Fest is happy to see Imagine taking the proper steps to educate, empower and enlighten it's following. Their explorers really lucked out by discovering a lost city that flourished through wisdom and health. Now they are ready to bring the entire city to the music festival, where you can learn their ancient arts.

"Long ago during the apex of Atlantis existed the City of Imaginarium, a technologically and spiritually advanced civilization. In this city lived mystics, scientists, artist, sages, healers, seekers and wisdom keepers with sacred and hidden knowledge of the universe. One day, during a global cataclysmic flood, Atlantis and the city of Imaginarium was lost to the sea. Thousands of years later, as consciousness and the earth entered the Golden Age, the Lost City of Imaginarium was rediscovered by the Explorers of Imagine." - Imagine Music Festival

Be sure to stop by so you can experience and participate in ancient practices such s wisdom transmissions, ancient mystery sharing, ceremony, and practical applications of earth based concepts. There will also be varied forms of sacred teachings that will help expand your mind, improve your health and increase your energy. This will be a great opportunity to experience Flow Arts, Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong, and prophecies with wisdom keepers and mystics.

There will be several learning and sacred ceremonies such as drum circle and central fire throughout the weekend at the Center of Consciousness. We encourage all of you to expand your mind and take advantage of music festivals when they provide such activities and spaces. Transformation music festivals have the power to show you a side of the world that a lot of us have missed out on here in the states. The Center of Consciousness can help you find even more beauty and purpose in your life and at fests, but first you have to be willing to try new things with an open mind and willing heart. 

Mystic woman from Lost City Imaginarium at Imagine Music Festival