Happy Thanksgiving: Here’s a Best Music Fest Holidayish Playlist

Cartoon of the Best Music Fest Turkey with an axe chasing a festival pilgrim

The Tables Have Turned Here At Best Music Fest

When you love electronic music as much as we do, tables tend to turn. It looks like our Thanksgiving table turned pretty hard at Best Music Fest this year so we're doublin' up on the green - if you know what we mean. We're talking about green bean casseroling up a fatty, passin' the broccoli 'pon the left hand side  and smoking the heck out of some green peppers. I mean it doesn't look like we'll need the smoker for the turkey anymore, right?

Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving gatherings give us a chance to relax with the ones we love (at least those fortunate enough to not get stuck at work). This down time gives us a great opportunity to reflect on the blessings in our lives. We all have many things to be thankful for and should probably spend more than 1 day thinking about it each year - in fact - we're thankful for you right now. If you're reading this post and bumping the playlist, thank you so much, high fives and good vibes are inbound!

So here's wishing you a blessed holiday full of tasty beats, delicious food, fantastic friends and your happy family. May the playlist help liven the holiday spirit - (warning: a few explicit tracks are being served today). Now start slappin da bass mon.


Peace and love!

Best Music Fest Staff


Best Music Fest's Thanksgiving Playlist


Thanks for reading/listening/loving!

P.S. If you have room for seconds, check out Best Music Fest's Electronic Music Blog for more tunes.


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