happy girl uses best camping coffee maker and sips from mug

The 6 Best Camping Coffee Makers for Your Type

Looking for the best way to make coffee wherever you go?  Of course you are. That’s why you’re searching for camping coffee makers, right? Here’s the deal: You remind me of myself not too long ago… It was a few seasons back, but I remember it like yesterday. We were at Dirtybird Campout when it happened: (Click here […]

a girl at music festival twirls colorful flags

8 Things (Almost) Every Festival Babe Needs

Music Festival Season is always better when you’re prepared. The savvy festival babe knows this and always plans ahead. That’s why we asked around and built a list of the 8 things (almost) every girl needs to have the best time at music festivals in the US! Does your festival gear cover the bases?   […]

Music Festival Announcement - Woogie Weekend

NEW FESTIVAL: The Do LaB Presents Woogie Weekend

This might be my favorite piece of music festival news for the entire year… It features so many amazing details rolled into one fantastically exciting event that, just like a classic bass-thumping house beat, this puppy deserves a good old fashioned break down. Try to think of this like a deconstructed festival taco with five […]