NEW FESTIVAL: The Do LaB Presents Woogie Weekend

Music Festival Announcement - Woogie Weekend

This might be my favorite piece of music festival news for the entire year...

It features so many amazing details rolled into one fantastically exciting event that, just like a classic bass-thumping house beat, this puppy deserves a good old fashioned break down. Try to think of this like a deconstructed festival taco with five layers of news. What's on the menu? Let's say some delicious curry, a few soy corndogs, an extra dank gluten-free pizza, two fresh strawberry smoothies and french fries with gravy.

Now close your eyes and imagine all those items rolled up in a shell. Take a big tasty bite. Now try to break down each ingredient and imagine the flavors. Can you taste the french fries and gravy? Yes? Awesome! Is this the first time you let someone on the internet poutine your mouth? ...I hope so.

And now, without further adieu, here's our deconstructed five-layer music festival announcement:  

Five Things You Need To Know Right Now

  1. The Do LaB has announced they are producing a second music festival
  2. This new festival will be themed after our beloved Woogie Stage dance parties
  3. There will be a return to the Woogie roots: great music, amazing people & radical self-expression
  4. The Do LaB aims to recreate a small and intimate atmosphere like back in the day with this new fest
  5. Woogie Weekend will be held at LIB's old home, the majestic Oak Canyon Park of Irvine County

The Woogie Features the Best Tree House Stage at LIB Music Festival

The Woogie Infamously Features a Tree House Stage - photo courtesy of Watchara

We are incredibly excited for what we expect to be a weekend full of epic house artists along with the Do LaB's usual line of eclectic and provocative artists and performers. I think we can expect a simplified version of Lighting in a Bottle that will look toward reconnecting and strengthening the core of the The Do LaB and LIB Family. The Flemmings brothers' influence will undoubtedly bring a presence of larger than life structures and a perfect party atmosphere. Their beautiful co-producing visionary and Temple of Consciousness Curator, Dream, will undoubtedly round out the edges with her feminine grace. She is responsible for the healing spaces. Aka recovery spaces. Dream recently told us that she loves the resulting balance at LIB. She loves taking care of her body and making healthy choices, but also loves to party. We agree that these two entities go really well together and the spaces that The Do LaB creates at all of their events puts this at the core of their mission. 

"Woogie Weekend will most likely feature an impressive yoga lineup, as this was a feature at their very first LIB up in Santa Barbara. We're also forecasting a few great workshops, lots of sound healing, several meditation classes, a couple learning kitchen classes and a 100% chance of free dancing." - Erik D.

Sound like your cup of tea?

Then hurry over to catch their early bird pre-sale tickets at

Want to know more about the festival lineup and other details? Well, so do we, but don't let that stop you from securing your ticket. This festival will sell out!

Happy Music Festival Friends at LIB's Best Stage, the Woogie

The People at Woogie Play a Major Role in Creating the Atmosphere - photo courtesy of The Confluence

Check back for more details later...

Until then, here is the information they have released:

What You Can Expect At Woogie Weekend…

LIB’s most adored and iconic music stage is returning to it’s home in Silverado, CA for 3-day long reunion celebration of all things Woogie! Over 30 acts will grace Woogie Weekend’s stages, pumping out some of the freshest sounds in house, techno, disco, breaks and more.

While the Do LaB lives to create and participate in multi-dimensional experiences, we also have a soft spot in our hearts for genuine simplicity. With this event, we are returning to Oak Canyon Ranch - home to LIB 2010-2012 - to reunite and reconnect with the basic foundation The Woogie was built on: great music, amazing people and radical self-expression.  Just like in year’s before, we will be taking over the lower level of the Lake (sorry, still no swimming), creating an intimate and serene festival setting for camping, dancing, community and experiencing.

Open your mind, check your ego at the door and enjoy the authentic Woogie ride you’re about to be in for!





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