EOTO – Live And Improvised Electronic Dance Music

When it comes to live and improvised electronic dance music nobody beats EOTO

EOTO is an incredibly talented duo that thrives on dance floor energy. They definitely depend on a participatory crowd to get into their best creative. You can catch them playing at the best music festivals in the world or at smaller shows in local U.S. venues. Whenever they get on stage, their live and improvised, jam band style, EDM sets usually cover the spread from dance to dubstep. AND all of their songs are assembled one new idea at a time.

These guys only play live and improvised electronic music, but they songs and dance parties rank among the best EDM artists around. If you’d like to see how they play live electronic music for every set you can check out this video.

 They produce epic dance beats at music festivals and EDM events out of thin air

We’ve had the pleasure of catching them at a few music festivals as well as at smaller shows in San Diego and Los Angeles. Undoubtedly, the best times have been at the Do LaB‘s beautiful music fest, Lightning In A Bottle where the electric connection with the crowd is always undeniable. Their stage presence is refreshing to say the least. Sometimes it’s a robot dance party with super groovy, space-tube, wobble hands. Sometimes it’s a projected cosmic journey through dimensions unknown. No matter what,  it’s going to be a good time.

EOTO playing live electronic music and drums

On Nov. 28, EOTO will be playing with Vibe SquaD at Winston’s in Ocean Beach, CA

We’re looking forward to spending a coastal evening with a live buffet of the best electronic music and bottomless prism lasers. Anyone that is fortunate enough to catch the San Diego show can look forward to heavy doses of fresh ocean air and even fresher live electronic music. Check out EOTO’s website for more details.

 – Playing live in | New York 11/21 | San Diego 11/28 | Los Angeles 11/29 –


And keep an eye out out for EOTO in our updates about the best music festivals to catch in 2015.

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