meme of paul rudd in front of bass guitar, text reads seriously time to start slappin

5 Slappin Da Bass Mon Memes – Paul Rudd

  It’s winter! And we’re kicking things off with 5 of the best Slappin Da Bass Mon memes we could find. Featuring scenes from I Love You, Man and the hilarious Paul Rudd – these top picks are certain to please.   We also have an electronic playlist featuring some of our favorite artists’ music. And yes, there are […]

bass heads at festival in best electronic music blog's event photo

7 Best Electronic Music Blogs for Bass Heads

Inspired by the best electronic music blogs around, we set out to feature a few of our idols today. As you can probably tell, our team loves festivals – and bass loving websites have become a catalyst for the scene’s growth. Music lovers now have more technology and communication power on hand than ever before. […]

kid experiments with CYMATICS science at best music fest laboratory

CYMATICS: Science vs Nature by Nigel Stanford

The Best Music Festivals Blend Science with Nature But What Happens When You Pit The 2 Against Each Other? If you answered, “Really cool shit” then you nailed it! CYMATICS made this brilliant video to demonstrate the relationship between sound waves and their environment. These mesmerizing experiments were compiled into one excellent project by new […]

rubens tube uses fire to show electronic music soundwaves in dubstep

Dubstep Visualized with Fire

The Ruben’s Tube visualizes sound waves to show why Dubstep is so awesome… And it uses fire! When man discovered fire he may have overlooked its potential to be used as a dubstep visualizer. In fact, it wasn’t until 1905 that Heinrich Rubens realized flame could be used to show the relationship between sound waves […]