Dirtybird Campout Playlist & Preview

Dirtybird Campout Music Festival will be bringing a new type of party to those of us in southern California. Label boss Claude VonStroke has teamed up with the Do LaB family (Lightning in a Bottle, Woogie Weekend, etc.) to create a summer camp themed, electronic music fest that eludes to Heavyweights, Moonrise Kingdom, Wet Hot America Summer and other classic flicks of the sort.

The Best Electronic music producers in the US will be counselors at Dirtybird Festival

The Dirtybird Campout Lineup features several of the best EDM artists in the US, such as Christian Martin and Justin Jay. Campers will also hear from a decent selection of DJs throughout the world. This festival's schedule features a worry free, single-stage stage system so you won't have to miss one set to catch another. A majority of the artists are of the electronic music persuasion, leaning heavily toward house and techno. Although EDM music lovers will have plenty of great dance tunes at their disposal, the real allure of the event comes from the summer camp themed activities.

Dirtybird Campers will get to experience a summer camp like never before. During the day electronic dance music might fill the air, but the fields will be filled with team spirit. That's right. This California festival will take 'participate' to a new level with events such as dodgeball matches, boat races and talent shows. Be sure to stretch out for this one - it's gonna be a doozie!

We've got a great playlist to help you get to know all of the artists on the lineup. You can find your favorite DJ on the preview page. Or go ahead and listen to more Dirtybird inspired playlists featuring the best electronic music ever. We encourage you to turn up the volume and bump these tunes. Our team picked the songs, but it's up to you to start slappin da bass mon.

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Update: This epic EDM music festival has already happened - check out the Dirtybird Campout Review!


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