The Dirtybird Campout Music Festival Playlist and Preview. By Best Music Fest.

Dirtybird Campout is bringing a new style of music festival to southern California

Dirtybird Campout music festival is officially on its way to southern California. Get ready for 3 fun days of summer camp shenanigans and 3 epic nights of the best electronic music on this side of Camp Tigerwood. Pack your canteen, bring lots of sunscreen and listen to this Dirtybird Campout Festival Playlist about 27 times. (It was curated by Best Music Fest Staff).

Then head out to Oak Canyon Park on October 2, 3 and 4th!


Dirtybird Campout Music Festival Poster - Tickets on sale now

Dirtybird and Do LaB have joined forces for this epic electronic fest

We've got a great feeling about the upcoming inaugural fest because Dirtybird is teaming up with Do LaB to make sure it's done right. The Do LaB family is very familiar with Oak Canyon Park, having hosted Lightning in a Bottle on the grounds for 3 beautiful years once upon a time. They also hosted Woogie Weekend at the same location, bringing the family back home this past July.

Dirtybird Campout music festival venue by a Lake at Oak Canyon Park

3 days, 2 families, 1 camp trip... endless electronic music and plenty of BBQ

Dirtybird's Claude Vonstroke, Justin Martin and J. Phlip will be leading us bravely through the weekend playing dual roles as camp counselors AND bass music ambassadors. This festival lineup does look a bit house heavy, but they will be balancing it all out with plenty of summer camp activities, lots of sunshine and an intimate backyard style BBQ. Everyone here at Best Music Fest is looking forward to living out our wildest wet hot American summer dreams set to the soundtrack of a 3-day electronic music festival.

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We'll see you there!


Dirtybird campout music festival lineup over claude vonstroke in a small boat

Want to rock the same music festival gear as Camp Counselor Claude Vonstroke?

Be sure to pick up your matching camp gear so you don't look like a square at the fest!


Update: This music festival already happened and it was amazing! Check out Best Music Fest's gonzo-style Dirtybird Campout Music Festival Review by Erik Davignon. Then explore our other reviews of the best music festivals in the US to find your next favorite fest!

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