CYMATICS: Science vs Nature by Nigel Stanford

kid experiments with CYMATICS science at best music fest laboratory

The Best Music Festivals Blend Science with Nature

But What Happens When You Pit The 2 Against Each Other?

If you answered, "Really cool shit" then you nailed it!

CYMATICS made this brilliant video to demonstrate the relationship between sound waves and their environment. These mesmerizing experiments were compiled into one excellent project by new Best Music Fest favorite, Nigel Stanford. 

You might recognize the first visualizer in the video - a Ruben's Tube - from our previous post, Dubstep Visualized with Fire. But that's just the beginning for this epic montage, literally.

Get ready to see what happens when sound waves have a party with sand, water and larger-than-life-sized plasma ball.

(Spoiler alert: You will need your chain mail armor on for this one - so gear up!)


Thanks for reading/watching/sharing!

P.S. Tell your favorite stage manager about these epic visualizers so we can see more of them at the best music festivals in the US!


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