Best Music Fest’s Electronic Playlist Goes South of the Border

fireworks explode behind 4 mariachis play the best electronic mexican music in the world

It’s Getting Too Cold In SoCal So We’re Heading South

Are you ready to get your migration on?  Best Music Fest is heading south in search of warm weather, good tequila and extra helpings of electronic music! Join the fun as we explore the festival scene south of the border. We were certainly impressed by the range of Latin Music that has surfaced during our exploration of exotic musicians. This electronic playlist features an excellent balance between classic Latin music and new age, funky, dance music with heavy electronic influences.



Remember friends, f you need new dance tunes to keep the fiesta rockin', check out our handpicked playlists to discover some of the best electronic music in the world.


¡Vamanos a la Fiesta!


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