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- The Best Music Festivals 2014 Project -

Hello Festival Friends!

If your reading this then it means that you are among the first to discover Best Music Fest. Our team is still working on getting everything in place and we are definitely still in our infant stage, but we're not going to let that stop us. We're on a mission to bring festival vibes to everyday lives and we are not going to miss a beat until we have all discovered our endless potential and get to explore the best music festivals all over the world while sharing our epic adventures with awesome friends.

To get the ball rolling we are calling for like-minded festival types to participate and share their stories from the best music fests that they have experienced. The Best Music Festivals 2014 Project is a collaborative effort to share our personal experiences from this past years festival season. We think music festivals are about a lot more than some big names on the set list, loud bass and flashy lights so we're on a mission to cover the more intimate side of reviews. 

We would love to help share your stories with the world and invite anyone who comes across these words to understand that everything in life happens for a reason. The same goes for the people in your lives. Even the people you pass by in the grocery stores are connected with us, so let's embrace that. Best Music Fest is a place for festival friends and family to get together and share stories, pictures and videos that help us keep our positive energy flowing.

If you would like to contribute,  please don't hesitate to say hello. Let's share our favorite pictures and short videos on Instagram tagged as #BestMusicFest and #BMF so we can start sorting out the best music festivals of 2014 based on the experiences that really matter. Please email me via to discuss larger collaborations.

Peace & Love

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