Best Music Fest’s Halloween Playlist

A jackolantern listens to Best Music Fests Halloween playlist

Be Carfeul Friends, For Tonight is All Hallows Eve

Tis a frightful night when creatures rise from the shadows and creeps gather in the dark... On this night the moon shines bright, but only to guide the strange toward fog ridden dance floors crowded by the Wolf Man, Dracula and his son. Be weary though, should Zombies start having fun, for it’s a grave sign that the party’s begun.

To survive this night, please heed my advice, if the wrong tunes come on, it might save your life. Should these heathens be swept away by the music at this year’s Halloween bash, simply remember your moves – and do the Monster Mash!




And if you need new dance tunes to keep the party rockin', check out our handpicked playlists to discover some of the best electronic music in the world.


Happy Halloween!!!


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