What’s the Best Camping Coffee Maker for Your Style?

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You love a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, right?

Of course you do.

But coffee can be hit or miss at music festivals.

That's why you're committed to finding a camping coffee maker that will suit your taste and fit your needs.

Here's the deal:

You remind me of myself not too long ago...

It was a few seasons back, but I remember it like yesterday.

We were at Dirtybird Campout when it happened:

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It was a beautiful sunny morning when I woke up to the sounds of chirping birds. Within moments of exiting my tent, I started to crave a glorious cup of my favorite caffeinated beverage... when, suddenly, I looked around and there was... no coffee... just...none.

So I got angry. And pouted. But still - no coffee!

That was the moment I vowed to find a coffee maker that could keep up with me.

Both my adventurous lifestyle and high standards for coffee created a unique set of criteria for the solution to my problem. But I knew the right bean machine was out there - I only needed to find it.

So what happened?

I researched all the best camping coffee makers I could find. Then I made a list of the top 6 makers based on your needs.

We're talking percolators, french press, portable espresso and cold brew contraptions. We found options for everyone.

Here's the great news:

I'm not going to charge you $50 to get the info.

I'm not even going to collect your email first.

I just don't want you or anyone else to have to go through what I did...

You know, not having coffee and all.

But just so you know:

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Anyways, if your sick of spending $100's of your hard-earned money on over-priced coffee at festivals, then this list is for you. I'll also show you my top pick for a travel-proof camping-ready coffeemaker at the end.

But, before I get to my favorite, let's quickly recap the most popular types of camping coffee makers on the market.

The 6 Best Camping Coffee Makers for Different Situations

You'll have better luck finding the right coffee maker by considering which type best fits your needs. That's why I've chosen the 6 best types for campers of all sorts. You can use the links to find my top picks which are featured in the images. Enjoy!

Cold Brew Maker for Campers Who Plan Ahead

For those who love sipping on java, but prefer to limit the time spent around the stove, packing a big container of cold brew in the cooler can be a great choice. Cold dripped coffee has a lower acid content than coffee made with heat which is awesome, it just takes longer to make. It's also more refreshing, so be sure to stay hydrated if you sip it throughout the day.

Price: $476.74

Get a cold brew maker here

Propane Camping Coffeemaker for Hot Coffee On the Go

This QuikPot Propane Camping Coffeemaker by Coleman features their Instastart™ ignition design for push-button, matchless lighting. It also uses their PerfectFlow™ technology, which provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions. This portable, fool-proof machine will bring you fresh-brewed coffee in 18 minutes so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors with your drink.

Price: $89.99

Get a propane coffeemaker here

Outdoor-Ready Personal Java Press Coffee Makers

Simply add ground coffee and hot water to this French-Press-Style insulated carafe and you'll have several cups of coffee ready in minutes. You'll need a camp stove and a kettle to heat the water, of course, but if you already have the gear then you're in business. Get ready for the delicious smell of fresh coffee filling the air.

Price: $54.99

Get a java press here

Percolator Coffee Makers for Full-Flavored Campers

Once the standard for coffee enthusiasts (before they were replaced by automatic drip coffee makers) percolator coffee makers work by continually cycling nearly boiling brew through the grounds using gravity until the desired strength is achieved. This model by Winterial (above) is designed for the harshest conditions while maintaining functionality.

Price: $79.99  $43.99

Get a percolator coffee maker here


Espresso and Cappuccino Maker for Luxury Campers

Nobody said it was easy, but if you show up to camp with one of these coffee makers, you'll be a hero. This rig is best left in the RV but if you're camping with your car, you can use a power inverter to power it. Don't forget to bring some milk so things can get frothy.

Price: $999.95 

Get a cappuccino maker here

And Now, My Top Choice for a Camping Coffee Maker:

The coffee maker that best fits my needs - specifically for low-water camping excursions - is the MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker. Leave me a message on Facebook if you think an espresso device counts as a coffee maker. My second choice is prepping cold brew, Followed by

The MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker for Low-Water, High-Flavor Situations

Battery-free and hand operated, this sleek espresso maker uses minimal water which is crucial for me when dealing with low or no-water environments. Again, you'll need to make hot water to use this contraption, but your kettle will be able to make more caffeinated beverages than ever before. Add a shot or two to hot or cold almond milk for a delicious pick me up on the go.

Price: $83.86   $51.99

Get a MiniPress GR Espresso Makere here

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Thanks for reading.

We'd love your advice on how to make this list better.

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