Artist Video: Mexrrissey, A Mexican Tribute to The Smiths

Mexrissey, the best Mexican Smiths cover band, in electronic studio

Mexriisey - The Smiths Go South of the Border | Photo by LA Times

Best Music Fest's recent South-of-the-Border audio excursion was a huge success. We discovered a new place in our hearts for Latin American music. New artists, new songs and even new genres came to light. We found ourselves enjoying everything from classic mariachi to funky new-age Brazilian electronic music - and it was awesome!

One of our discoveries included Mexrrissey, a Mexican band named after Morissey - the lead singer of British rock band, The Smiths. These guys recently came through LA for the close of their American tour, but we had way too much tequila to catch that show.

Mexrissey: "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side"




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