ARTIST REVIEW: Lulacruza Releases New Album, Orcas


Floating on a lifeless raft, you ease down a nameless and undiscovered river. Still is the night as the moon casts an eerie yet wondrous glow upon the surrounding water. You hear an enchanting female voice calling you to the distant shore…somewhere a loud but gentle heartbeat consumes you and with a deep patient exhale, you find you are sliding into pure bliss…

If Simon ‘Bonobo’ Green put his beat makers aside, instead favoring the gentle thump of a rested heartbeat and then invited Juana Molina, Bon Iver & Jose Gonzalez over to his place somewhere, maybe in the gentle rolling English countryside. Lulacruza’s fourth and latest LP ‘Orcas’ would be the resulting musical fruit. I do not make these comparisons to cheapen what it is Lulacruza manage to capture. I do this only to give you a reference point. An angle to help ease you toward this listening experience.

Lulacruza are a rare delicate balance between folk and electronica. Rare because neither musical perspective dominates and the overall feel is so well balanced it only ever feels natural. This is a difficult thing to achieve and kudos to the duo for the achievement. Lulacruza comprise of Alejandra Ortiz (from Columbia) and Luis Maurette (from Argentina). With Lulacruza’s storytelling rooted in South American ritual and folklore, you genuinely feel you are listening to voices and tales carried through the ages. Recorded on Orcas island in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. This is an LP that reflects the surroundings it was recorded in. It is an ancient voice and sound carried by ancient winds to grace us all.

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