Music Festival Season is always better when you're prepared. The savvy festival babe knows this and always plans ahead. That's why we asked around and built a list of the 8 things (almost) every girl needs to have the best time at music festivals in the US!

Does your festival gear cover the bases?

# 1. The Yogi Belt

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Yogi belts are a fun and fashionable way to carry more items during your festival adventures while keeping your hands free. These stylish accessories make life much easier when scurrying between stages. They provide quick access to your favorite things that your pocket-less yoga pants simple can't hold.

Best Music Fest's fashion team found this lovely brown yogi belt on Amazon and fell in love with it. The curved sides fit comfortably around your hips so you barely notice it's there. Our favorite part about wearing a yogi belt is looking like a beautiful badass and feeling like a festival pro!

This 100% cotton belt is also available in black, maroon and sage.

You can get this belt in 2 days with an Amazon Prime account

# 2. Temporary gold tattoos

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Want a quick and easy way to get into the festival spirit? Put on some jewelry-inspired temporary gold tattoos and instantly transform into your metalic alter ego. These fun additions usually come in large packs, so you can have a blast sharing them with the group. Now you and your friends will look like sexy festival goddesses!

Our favorite spot to get these epic epidermal accessories is online. For example, you can get 9 sheets of gold and silver metallic temporary tattoos on Amazon for $11.99 (plus S&H). These sweet tats go on easily with water and rub off cleanly with a bit of baby oil.

Pro Tip: Share some with your festival neighbors to break the ice

# 3. The Spirit Hood

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Spirit hoods make you feel like your part of the pack. They help keep your head, neck, and hands warm, too. You can even use the paws as pockets to carry essential items, such as ChapStick.

Here's a faux fur spirit hood with a 4.7 out of 5-star rating that we absolutely adore. Down to the last minute and not sure what to wear? Just remember that it's all good in the hood!

This spirit hood also qualifies for free 1-day shipping with Prime

# 4. The Hydration Backpack

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Staying hydrated at music festivals is always a challenge. Between long lines, high prices and unexplainable time warps, there always seems to be a reason to overlook water refills. That's why the hydration backpack ranks in the top 5 pieces of essential festival gear. Use one of these babies to keep plenty of water⎯and all your accessories⎯strapped to your backside, then kiss thirst goodbye!

We looked around online and found an awesome Camelbak hydration pack on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price. The Aurora features the brand's high-quality craftsmanship and materials plus extra pockets to carry all your goodies alongside the 70-ounce water reservoir. Get ready to enjoy a personal water fountain at your next big event!

Camelbak's Got your Bak guarantee is good for a lifetime



# 5. The LED Headlamp

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LED headlamps are crucial accessories for the port-a-potty lifestyle when the sun goes down at your favorite event. Be sure you're prepared for dark rooms with the right lighting and always bring extra batteries. We like to use our headlamp for potty breaks because it's secured to our dome pieces and not likely to fall in the toilet.

Here's a 5-star rated LED headlamp that comes with a lifetime warranty. It's adjustable, lightweight and waterproof with 168 lumens to light up the darkest nights. Use it to brighten your late night trips to the bathroom and enjoy having an extra free hand!

# 6. LED Festival Lilies

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Solar powered LED lights are a fun way to put your personal touch on the evening's ambiance. String lights can be strung from tents and across shade canopies to brighten general areas. We like to use individual ground lights, such as these festival lilies, to light up hazardous areas on the ground. Tent stakes, chairs and coolers can leave you, your friends or a neighbor face-first on the ground when it gets dark. Let's all help each other out and do our best to keep pathways bright and clear!

We found these solar powered LED Lily flower lights on Amazon for $7.26 each. Now it's easier than ever to spruce up your festival home-away-from-home AND help prevent buzz-killing accidents at the same time. When the sun sets, your highly-efficient LEDs will turn your campsite into a magical wonderland... Just don't forget to go enjoy the rest of the festival grounds, too!

Pro tip: Save money AND the planet with solar powered LED lights



Color Changing Solar LED Lily Flower Light



# 7. The Beautiful Tapestry

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Tapestries seem to serve endless purposes at music festivals. Most often used for shade, these gorgeous fabrics offer instant aesthetic upgrades wherever they are placed. We typically use several to create walls with shade canopies to help block dusty winds. They also add a bit of privacy to the camp's living room while boosting design points tenfold.

Here's a psychedelic wall hanging tapestry featuring the Marubhumi Tree of Life. The tree and elephant are said to bring good luck to those nearby. Its luck might already be working on you because this stunning tapestry comes with free one-day shipping on Amazon Prime. Now you and your friends can transform the campsite into a majestic, mysterious realm.


# 8. The Shade Canopy

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Shade canopies provide sun-soaked festival babes a much-needed retreat from the midday heat. They block the sun and act as ceilings for our outdoor living rooms where the tribe congregates for mimosas and beer. In fact, based on how dependent we are on our canopy, I'd say this beauty might be a contender for the title of the most important piece of festival gear, ever.

Have you ever been to a music fest without a place to cool down during the day? We don't recommend it. Here's a Coleman 13 x 13 Instant Canopy that can be set up in three minutes. Now it's easier and quicker than ever to escape the sun's rays on bright and beautiful festival days!

Pro Tip: Place several canopies together to create larger shade areas




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